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In the year 2005, a plague of diseases cause by fast-mutating viruses (or virii) were unleashed by rogue nations. You were recruited to help find vaccines and cures to these diseases. Armed with the latest technology in viral DNA simulation, the Vaxxinex,you must find and eliminate the genes in the viral DNAs to make the vaccines and cures. The Vaxxinex color-codes the normal genes, and the "swirl block" as the deadly genes. Using your mouse, click on the set of genes, blocks of the same color, to try to manipulate the DNA to remove the deadly genes, "swirl" block. But since the viruses are fast-mutating, and mutates faster than you blink, the Vaxxinex machine will refresh its display, rearranging the blocks of colors to simulate the fast-mutation. Usually, the blocks will drop down where you removed the same-colored blocks of 3 or more joined together. If no same-colored blocks of 3 or more are joined together, you lose a "try". You have 3 tries for the game or the game is over. If you reach the next level, you get an additional "try" if your number of tries is less than 3. Remove as many virus as you can. The game goes to the next level if you have removed a certain number of viruses.


Use the mouse to move the mouse pointer over the blocks. Position the vaccine where you want it to go. The blocks are highlighted where the vaccine can be placed. You can not replace a virus by a colored gene. Click the left mouse button to place the vaccine.


You get 16 points for each virus removed and 8 points for each colored gene. You get a bonus of 50 if you get more than 3 same-colored blocks joined together.
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