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The purpose of the game is to get the balls with the same color in chain or connected together. Balls can be removed and added. Balls removed make the balls above drop down or slide to the right. Three or more of the same color balls connected or chained together are the only ones that can be removed. There are buttons to rotate the position of the balls counter-clockwise, switch the position of the balls, and add two rows of balls. Each level has a number of required balls to be in chain and to be removed to continue to the next level. The number of required balls must be chained or connected together before the time runs out.


Use the mouse to move the mouse pointer over the balls. When the mouse pointer is over a ball and is connected to three or more balls having the same color, the balls shrink in size. This put the balls in selected mode and available to be removed. Click the left mouse button to remove the balls. Use the left mouse button to click the rotate, switch and add buttons.


You get 1 point for each ball. You get 500 points bonus for each ball removed that exceeds the number of required chain of balls with the same color.
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