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The purpose of the game is to save little baby slikkis struggling to swim against the gushing river. Slikki, the flat-headed green giant serpent, just bore thousand of babies. The little ones wandered off by themselves and got swept by the strong river current. Now, mother Slikki has to swim against the current to pick her babies up. Swim to move forward or be swept by the current. Avoid the sharp rocks and castaway objects. Not even Slikki's tail, she must not touch the rocks and castaways, or she'll lose a life. Pick all of the babies up to go to the next level. You score 50 points for each baby picked up. You get a life for every 1000 points, only if you have less than three lives.

Hint: Sometimes getting swept with the current is a good thing. It can take you back to where you want to be.


Use the left and right or up and down arrow keys to swim: left or up arrow to go forward up and right or down arrow to go forward down. Don't press any keys to let the current carry you back.


You get 50 points for each baby picked. You get a life every 1000 points, only if you have less than three lives. You go to the next level when all the babies are picked up.
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