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The purpose of the game is to guide and place blocks over a colored bar at the bottom that matches the color of the blocks. Pile red blocks at the bottom over the red bar, blue blocks over the blue bar, orange blocks over the orange bar and green blocks over the green bar. Each level requires a number of blocks for each color to be piled. There are 50 blocks available to be piled for each color, but the required blocks to be piled could be less or the same, so pile the blocks to fit in the area over the colored bar. The game goes to the next level if the number of blocks piled over the colored bar are met and no more blocks are left.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move blocks left and right. Press up arrow key to rotate the blocks, or "z" to rotate clockwise or "x" to rotate counter-clockwise. Press the down arrow key or space bar to drop the blocks.


You get 1 point for each block dropped in the area over the colored bar that matches the color of the blocks.
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